SynOst Granules

SynOst® will be our first-to-market synthetic bone graft substitute product. Composed of bioactive calcium phosphosilicate , SynOst® is designed specifically for its absorbability and osteoconductive nature; the graft is progressively resorbed and replaced by new bone tissue during the healing process. SynOst® is produced in granule and putty forms at particle size ranges that are optimized to provide the best possible osteoconduction for different defect sizes. SynOst® is intended for dental intra-osseous, oral, and cranio-/maxillofacial bony defects.


SynOst Putty

SynOst Putty (Synthetic Bone Graft Putty) is an alloplastic bone graft material to treat osseous defects. It is a pre-mixed composite of bioactive calcium-phospho-silicate glass particulate and a synthetic, absorbable binder. The synthetic binder improves the handling of the glass particulate. The bioactive component of SynOst Putty is the glass which is composed of elements naturally occurring in bone (Ca, Na, Si, P, O). The glass particulate in the putty has particle size range of 37-800 microns.


PoroSyn (Granules and Blocks)

PoroSyn® is our patented family of synthetic bone graft substitute products and is produced in granule and block forms. Developed using SynThera’s proprietary glass making and processing techniques, PoroSyn® has a novel composition that is optimized to provide the right mix of elements that are naturally present in human bone (Ca, Na, P, O) and are released at rates that provide optimum osteostimulation. SynThera’s pioneering processing technologies are used to impart porosity to the graft at values that approach the porosity of human bone tissue. Thus, PoroSyn® approaches the state-of-the-art in biomimetic material design and development for providing optimum clinical outcomes for bone regeneration.