SynThera has recently developed a unique set of bioactive glass materials and formulations that achieve disinfection of a variety of surfaces over timespans as long as 48 hours post application. Most surface disinfectants are not long-lasting because the active ingredients within the disinfectant lose their activity once the surface becomes dry. SynThera’s disinfectant formulations comprise

(1) bioactive glass powder as the active ingredient for long-term disinfection and

(2) a liquid disinfectant medium for instantaneous disinfection. In this system, the bioactive glass achieves long-term disinfection by release of ions of calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and metal ions of our choice over an extended period of time. The release of such ions leads to significant pH changes in the surrounding environment, thereby inhibiting microbial growth.

Interaction of these ions with microorganisms causes disruption of cell wall permeability, resulting in nutrient uptake failure. Also, metal ions bond to various parts of the cell, such as the DNA and RNA, cellular proteins and respiratory enzymes, causing all life support systems in the cell to be immobilized. As a result, cellular growth and cell division are impacted, causing the microbes to no longer multiply and eventually die out. The ion release also leads to an increase in osmotic pressure which creates an environment not suitable for microbes.The metal ions are known to possess antiviral effects by disrupting the viral coating and destroying its RNA. The product is non-toxic and noncorrosive in nature A combination of metal ions is released; this overcomes issues relating to resistance of microbes to individual metals (e.g., silver resistance) The patent for this technology is currently awaiting grant in India. We are open to partnerships with companies to further develop the technology and bring it to the global markets. Please reach out to us if you would like to find out more about this pioneering technology and how it can be incorporated in your products!