Sealing Glasses

SynThera aims to provide the ideal sealing glass for the widest array of needs and applications. Offering tunable thermal expansion properties, stability under thermal cycling, and resistance to chemical attack, sealing glasses are used to produce reliable hermetic seals between glass, metal, and ceramic components. Sealing glasses are special types of glass used to seal or bond various electrical and electronic components. For many decades, they have been used widely in the electronics industry to create structural, hermetic, and highly insulating electrical seals between different materials such as metal, glass, or ceramics.More recently the use of sealing glasses has expanded to a broader range of applications. But different devices and usages have different demands, making it crucial to select the sealing glass with optimum compatibility.

The most critical characteristic of a sealing glass is the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), which should be as close as possible to the substrate material being sealed – typically called a “matched” fit – to prevent stress within the glass and/or substrate that can lead to cracking and failure. In some special configurations, a “compression fit” can be employed, allowing the joining of two significantly different thermal expansion materials by an intermediate glass. We at SynThera Biomedical can offer sealing glasses of standard as well as customized compositions at various volumes depending on the customer’s requirement. We are particularly enthusiastic to work with our customers on sealing glass materials that are suitable for their complex requirements. Please contact us to find out about how we can fulfil your sealing glass requirements!

Incorporated in 2015 in Pune, India, SynThera began life as a 1 person start-up that was incubated at Entrepreneurship Development Center (better known as “NCL Venture Center”), India’s largest science business incubator. The initial focus of the Company was on glass-based biomaterial technologies and products for bone tissue regeneration therapies. These therapeutic products lie at the interface of biology, material science and engineering and are fundamentally reliant on synergy between knowledge between these different fields. Thus, the name “SynThera” was conceptualized as a combination of the words “SYNergy” and “THERApy”. The Company was, and still is, India’s first and only company focusing on glass-based biomaterials.

Today, SynThera is recognized both nationally and globally to be a pioneering company in this domain. Our patents and peer-reviewed journal articles demonstrate our technological prowess. We have won multiple awards and recognitions at city, state, national and international levels and have worked with multiple industrial and academic partners from across the world on various projects. We have expanded our product and technology portfolio within the bioactive glass domain, and we have forayed into entirely new areas such as antimicrobial glasses for long-term disinfection.