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Bioactive Glass


Product Overview

SynThera possesses unparalleled domain knowledge on bioactive glasses, and Therasenz is our brand of Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate, which is known the world over as 45S5 Bioglass®. Over half a century since its development by the legendary Prof. Larry Hench in the 1970s, Bioglass® has become the most widely used bioactive glass composition worldwide for myriad applications relating to tissue repair and regeneration. This highly versatile biomaterial has for decades demonstrated outstanding abilities to repair and regenerate tissues such as bone, dental enamel and recently skin as well.

The Product is a one-component amorphous material made up of elements that also naturally occur in the human body, such as silicon, calcium, sodium and phosphorous. The elements of the composition are closely integrated into its material structure.


This material finds wide application as a key component in a variety of products:

Medical Devices

Bone graft substitutes in dental and orthopaedic surgeries to repair and regenerate bone tissue lost due to injury or disease

Oral Care

Desensitizing toothpastes and dental creams to combat dental hypersensitivity


Multiple products wherein the material plays a role in improving skin and nail health and appearance (reduction of redness, wrinkle visibility, anti-oxidant, mineral enrichment)


Our Variants

Therasenz is available in the following forms.

  • Frit for further processing by the customer
  • Powders of particle sizes from 25 micron onwards; the particle size distribution can be customized as per requirement

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