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A revolutionary material designed to optimize tissue repair and regeneration. Its unique composition mimics
natural bone to promote healing.


A highly adaptable biomaterial designed to facilitate healing in a multitude of applications, including dental surgery, fracture repair, and various other medical procedures.


Dental Care




Oral Care





At SynThera, we understand that the path to better healing begins with relentless research and development. Our dedicated in-house team is constantly pushing the boundaries of biomaterial science, exploring novel applications and advancements in bioactive glasses. This commitment to innovation allows us not only to refine our existing products like TheraSenz® and PoroSyn®, but also to tailor-make solutions for specific clinical needs. By collaborating with leading researchers and medical professionals, we strive to bridge the gap between cutting-edge biomaterials research and tangible improvements in patient care.

Production Technique

Furnace Melting

Furnace Melting

Our state-of-the-art furnace melting process uses both crucible and day tank furnaces. This allows us to create highly customized glass compositions that meet your exact specifications. Each project benefits from a dedicated crucible or day tank, eliminating cross-contamination and ensuring product purity.



With comprehensive crushing, dry milling, and wet milling equipment, Synthera delivers a vast array of powdered glass products. We offer a wide range of particle sizes, from coarse to micron-fine, ensuring you have the ideal material for your specific needs.

Frit Cullet

Frit & Cullet

Our advanced melting facilities produce the highest quality frit and cullet, free from contamination. We offer both water-quenched and roll-quenched frit, formulated to meet standard or custom specifications. Additionally, we can tailor the frit's physical properties to suit your application.