Tissue Repair

PoroSyn® is SynThera’s flagship technology encompassing a family of multiple tissue repair and regeneration products. Developed using SynThera’s proprietary glass making and processing techniques, PoroSyn® has a novel composition that is optimized to provide the right mix of elements that are naturally present in human bone (Ca, Na, P, O) and are released at rates that provide optimum osteostimulation. SynThera’s pioneering processing technologies are used to impart porosity to the graft at values that approach the porosity of human bone tissue. Thus, PoroSyn® approaches the state-of-the-art in biomimetic material design and development for providing optimum clinical outcomes for bone regeneration.

The technology has won multiple competitive awards and is now patented in India, China and South Korea, with patents awaited in the US and EU. Results from proof-of-concept studies and animal studies have been published in international peer-reviewed academic journals. PoroSyn® is now undergoing pilot safety clinical trials after receiving clearance from DCGI-CDSCO, India’s medical device regulatory authority. Please contact us to find out more about how PoroSyn can add value to you as a patient or medical professional! We are also open to strategic partnerships with companies that are interested in bringing next-generation bone regeneration technologies to the global marketplace – please contact us to explore potential partnership opportunities!